Posted by : Minhaj Uddin Friday, February 13, 2015

Science has been a remarkable and major asset in developing the world to a greater extent. We all have been confronting with Science and it's roots since we admitted into School. We've been taught that every particle in this alluring UNIVERSE takes with it an enormous scientific history.

Physics is that branch of Science which shapes the UNIVERSE and depicts about information of each and every particle in this Universe. In easiest way, I can accumulate by all the specific definitions of Physics as, "The branch which tells what's going on in the World, how and why ?". So to overcome the elusive definitions of Physics in textbooks, I brought after a great toiled this definition. Hope you'll like it :P :)

So here I fetch out some amazing facts that will blow up your mind. 

1. Do you know the word "SCIENTIST" arrived in 1833.

2. As you know that MERCURY is the nearest planet to the SUN, and we have also often been taught that AN IRON CAN MOLT IN MERCURY IN A GLIMPSE, IT MEANS WE CAN'T DWELL IN MERCURY. But do you know, MERCURY TEMPERATURE DECREASES TO -173 DEGREE CELSIUS AT NIGHT  :o

3. Do you know ? A Body of 600 Pounds at EARTH Surface is equal to 76 POUNDS on MARS.

4. Sodium metal will turn into FIRE WHEN YOU FLINCH IT INTO THE WATER. Beware of doing it! It's a scientific fact. 

5. Snow in Venus contains METALS and rain contains SULFURIC ACID. A single drop of SULFURIC ACID on the specific part of human skin can create hole on that.

6. A Body contains 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms.


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