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List Top 5 best WordPress backup plugins to keep your data safe and secure. The WordPress site backup is an important thing. 

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Posted by Minhaj Uddin

How Computer Science is dominating the world?

Great inventions by the great engineers and scientists in the early 90's are truly astonishing and sensational. We all have been witnessing and praising the inventions of 90's era including Televisions, washing machines, telephone, tape recorders, video recorders, even the computers. And without any doubt, the origination of all these products, machines and devices are applaud able. Day by day, these all inventions have been evolutioning and revamping. We also are over-whelmed with the re known geniuses of all time Albert Einstein, Graham Bell, Nikola Tesla and many more even it is difficult to enlist them, well sorry for that.

But when the year 1999 incremented by 1, the world entered a new generation and era. And this era is of computers specifically of Internet. Every day we see no one can ensure you to work or to gather and collect information until he gets a Internet connection. Either you work at some sheltered luxurious office or under the naked sky, you are bond with Internet. Each and every sort of information can be found on Internet.

But I am not here to tell you the advantages of Internet. Basically, the point is that how the Internet devised?, which things required to create such a gigantic platform to grab every information with such ease that you can't imagine of. It is Programming!

Programming, in today's world it is quiet a renown word. Especially, when it comes to computer.  
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Sunday, April 3, 2016
Posted by Minhaj Uddin

How to increase File upload size in WordPress

You would have surely stuck at a point where the file(giant), you wanted to upload couldn't have responded means error. The error of limited space for uploading huge data is very frequent. And a couple of WordPress users stumble while going through this riddle. To increase the maximum size of the uploaded files, we need to go through some instincts, pretty straightforward. 

  1. Open the XAMPP folder
  2. Search for PHP folder inside the XAMPP folder.
  3. Open up the PHP folder
  4. Seek for the php.ini (the file where you can edit the set the limit of the uploaded files)
or simply search this address 
search upload.

Change the upload_max_filesize to 1000M and also post_max_filesize to 1000M.
There you go, We are done. Now, You will see the error totally vanished! that's all for this post.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Posted by Minhaj Uddin
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What to do when you get red creepy pimples on nose?

Pimples are the most dangerous and gruesome thing that ever come to a human life. Majority of people either Male or Female confronts pimples besides bloody black heads. Whenever, they become plump or reddish type with the sauce inside Eeeo!!! :P we straightly run towards the doc for the checkup. But, some cases need to be taken after at home through implementing some natural ingredients over the affected place(Nose). We see often cases getting giant bumps on nose. In this case, We have got some really interesting remedies to rip these pimples off.

Ingredients must be used with respect to the tone and condition of the skin otherwise your skin may over-affect if couldn't blot.

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon is the most effective way to reduce scars as well as pimples. It contains CITRIC ACID that may at some extent can be used for the reduction of pimples. There is an excess of Vitamin 'C' in Lemon that has fruitful advantages. Squeeze the lemon and take out it's juice. Dip the cotton bud into the lemon juice and then paste it over the affected place. Do this process for more than a week and you'll see yourself getting rid off bloody pimples. 

2. Baking Soda

We've seen and eaten Baking Soda many times; not just directly but in our food it exists. Baking Soda is not only used in baking but It also contains some major beneficial ingredients inside. Add some water into one table spoon baking soda and then mix it up. Paste it on your nose before going to bed. It may reduce the reddish irritating pimple.

3. Garlic 

Garlic can be also be used to flinch the pimples out the nose. Cut the tiny pieces of Garlic and then add a bit lemon juice over it and there you go. Garlic is also considered to abridge the soiling on skin.

4. Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes are one of the greatest and beneficial way to diminish the redness of the pimples. Put an Ice Cube over the affected place for at least minutes and then you'll surely confront something bliss.

Note: Do not ever scrub them, they leave the black spots.

That's all, I hope so these 4 remedies will certainly dwindle the creepy reddish pimples..
Thanks for reading the article.

Friday, September 11, 2015
Posted by Minhaj Uddin

Search a particular Website only on Google?

Googling has surely changed our lives. We just need to click the "Google Search" to explore the whole world by sitting at home. We search the name of thing or wish that we want and in a second we get those things straightly on our screens.

But a bit difficulty arrives while we search out on Google is that besides our searched product Google is also showing those un-necessary stuff of which we never heard or expect of.

For example:
I just searched "FACEBOOK" on Google's search bar but besides the main link I am also seeing unlike stuff below the need one.

In the below screenshot, I just added a line "" and it turned vary in giving result.
Hope, you'd enjoy my article and don't ever forget to post your thanks and needy comments.
Saturday, August 22, 2015
Posted by Minhaj Uddin

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