Posted by : Minhaj Uddin Sunday, April 3, 2016

Great inventions by the great engineers and scientists in the early 90's are truly astonishing and sensational. We all have been witnessing and praising the inventions of 90's era including Televisions, washing machines, telephone, tape recorders, video recorders, even the computers. And without any doubt, the origination of all these products, machines and devices are applaud able. Day by day, these all inventions have been evolutioning and revamping. We also are over-whelmed with the re known geniuses of all time Albert Einstein, Graham Bell, Nikola Tesla and many more even it is difficult to enlist them, well sorry for that.

But when the year 1999 incremented by 1, the world entered a new generation and era. And this era is of computers specifically of Internet. Every day we see no one can ensure you to work or to gather and collect information until he gets a Internet connection. Either you work at some sheltered luxurious office or under the naked sky, you are bond with Internet. Each and every sort of information can be found on Internet.

But I am not here to tell you the advantages of Internet. Basically, the point is that how the Internet devised?, which things required to create such a gigantic platform to grab every information with such ease that you can't imagine of. It is Programming!

Programming, in today's world it is quiet a renown word. Especially, when it comes to computer.  
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