Posted by : Minhaj Uddin Friday, August 22, 2014

Your life is the most precious thing and to get indulge with your life is most appreciable part. Besides, Your daily habits you confronts with several irritating work or task. Life in comfort is that phase that every man needs. We see a lots of people who have minimum and least time to complete their daily task. They often usually regret their task or in various cases people give up their work/task and leave for tomorrow.

Today, I've brought some interesting tricks that will speed up your daily life activities from which you may be free to do more.

1. Pack your chips with the retail hanger clip

While eating chips or any other product, you may pack your product packets with your cloth hanger clip. By doing this, The material won't get scurvy.

2.  Tea Bags in odor products

We often absorb unpleasant and dirty smell from Shoes and Gym Bags. To get rid of them, you may put the TEA Bags in your smelly shoes or gym bags. To do this, You won't smell any dirt from these things.

3. Turn on Airplane Mode 

Do your android devices take enormous time to get charge ?, so don't be puzzled. To boost up your android devices charging capability, You may turn on the Airplane Mode. 

4. Capture blurry image

If you want to snap a blurry impressive picture from your mobile phone, You may fix a transparent scotch tape upon your Mobile Phone camera, so it may capture a classy blurry image.
Hope so, Implementation on these boost up hacks will come up with fascinating results. Do not forget comment on the below section or subscribe us now :)

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