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by  Taimoor Khan (Senior English Grammer Teacher)
1. The dog and his reflection
A dog carrying a piece of meat in his mouth had to walk along a plank over a stream. Looking down into the water he saw his own reflection there. He thought that it was another dog with another piece of meat. The greedy dog snatched at the reflection ; and, as he opened his mouth, the real piece of meat fell into the stream and was lost.

Moral: Greedy people who try to take what belongs to others , often lose what they have.

Note:- This story has three parts to it : the beginning : the middle ; the end (1) The beginning tells us that the story is about a dog (ii) The middle tells us what the dog did (iii) The end tells what the result was. Thus whenever you write a story, you must try to make it have begin ning, a middle, and an end.

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  1. I am sorry to say that I am not satisfied with the above story of greedy dog. We remember to have learnt the story containing that there was greedy dog, found a piece of meat from a butcher shop, crossed a bridge, saw its reflection, barked at the reflection and lost its own piece of meat. But all the above things are missing in this story. There is no mention of butcher shop, bridge and barking. Besides, writing "walk along a plank" is confusing. The actual phrase is "walk a plank" which is used for pirates to go on the side of a boat.


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