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Sarfraz Nawaz (Pakistan) was the founder of Reverse Swing 
  • Shine the ball a lot and make the other side (the rough side as rough as possible. To test if the ball is ready for a reverse swing, just throw the ball with straight seam to a fielder and if the ball swings towards the shining surface, then its ready to dance the batsman out.
  • Since reverse swing favours the older ball, it will usually start to move around 40-over mark. However, England bowlers last were able to make the ball reverse after just just 15 to 20 overs. Bret Lee found his reverse swing in Adelaide on the 30-over mark.
  • When you bowl, hold it with the seam upright and when you are about to let go of the ball give it a little flick as hard you can so it kind of spins
  • You must pitch the ball up; reverse swinging yorkers can be devastating - as Waqar Younis proved at his peak. Few bowlers can reverse a ball away from the bat - hence the success of Simon Jones and Andrew Flintoff against the Australians
  • Swinging is quite hard but try this
  • Practice reversing an old, prepared ball in the nets. It's not going to happen by magic in the middle if you haven't practiced it thoroughly. But perhaps there was some magic involved when Wasim Akram had the red cherry in his Hands.

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